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Remodeling Costs And Estimates - Remodeling Questions
1.00 I'm looking to build a custom home in the SF Bay Area. What is the avg sq/ft construction costs?

Q. I have the land on the Peninsula (slight slope w/ leveled areas) and architectural plans (2 story home (~2500 sq/ft)). I am looking to have average finishes with the exception of the kitchen which will be higher end. Does anyone have any ballpark estimates for construction costs on a per sq/ft basis?

A. I just finished a remodel (almost complete rebuild) of a home in San Diego. It has a lot of custom appointments, but nothing too esoteric. But, everything is basically brand new. It's about 1750 square feet, and the insurance company said we should insure it for about $600,000 to cover a complete rebuild. So, you're looking at just over $300 a square foot. And, this makes sense, because I seem to remember it was more like $150 to $200 about 10 years ago when I was looking into building a custom home.

1.00 How much should it cost to clean out a A/C furnace Unit. (Professional clean.)?

Q. Apparently, the lady who own the house before me( I have owned it for 5 years) had the furnace serviced, and no one replaced the filter, as a result, dirt, debris and mildew has collected on the coils and around the casing that encloses the blower. I have never had it cleaned and did not know there should be a filter in the unit, so I never changed it. I would have it I had known. I have been given a price to have it cleaned, to pitch it to make it drain, (it is laying flat), add a filter and add a little freon. Don't want to be taken advantage of.

A. Regular yearly service is around $100. Yours sounds more involved, so I would think it shouldn't be any more than $250. Call a few other places and describe what your guy is doing, but don't mention how much he'll charge and ask them what they'd charge to be sure you're not getting taken. I can't imagine it costing over $300, but if the rust is real bad etc. you might run into some surprise costs, (although it's unlikely). If the unit is around 10 years old or older and the worst case scenario with rust being real bad and parts needing to be replaced, making the cost close to around $1000, then I suggest buying a new unit for another $1000. You'll get a whole new warranty and a new unit will run more efficiently and cost less to use. That's IF they give you a rediculously high bid. I can't be sure until I see the unit. Your best bet is at least 3 free estimates. Call and ask, then decise if it's worth repairing or replacing depending on the cost. My hunch is that if there's not too much damage, that it will be under $300.

1.00 How can you determine if an area of the country will require union labor for a construction project?

Q. I would like to base my labor estimates on projected labor costs and i know certain areas require union labor i just don't know how to figure out those areas without bidding.

A. A big guy named Vinny shows up and tells you how much "yoos guys gotta pay."

1.00 How estimates the cost of the site project ?

Q. For example, facebook or ebay ? What have an influence on the profit ? For clarify, it is not about production but about the end project. And thanks for the producing answer!

A. You need to break down all of the tasks that need to be done in order to complete the project. This would be a very long list for something like facebook or ebay. Then you need to estimate the duration required to complete each task. You need to know how much you would need to pay somebody an hour to do that task. So, let's say you need to create a new database and estimate that it will take 60 hours to create it. Your DBA costs $120/hour. So, that cost for that task is 60 * 120. Go down the list of each task and then add them all up. You will also need to understand hardware costs. You may need to purchase servers or lease them. Then there are marketing and ongoing operational costs, etc...etc... Income minus costs equals profit (or lack there of). Keeping your costs lower increases you opportunity for profit. Look at each task and ask if there is a quicker or less costly way of doing it.

1.00 How accurate do you think a company's estimates of the net present value of a proposed project are?

Q. How accurate do you think a company's estimates of the net present value of a proposed project are? Refer to both the initial investment and to the components of the cash flow: revenues, operating expenses, depreciation, taxes, and the cost of capital to use for the computation of the present value. Which of the following do you think would give you the most accurate NPV calculation: (a) a brand new retail startup (b) a pharmaceutical company introducing a new drug (c) a company with a successful product in Chile trying to introduce it to the USA.

A. The most accurate valuation would be the retail startup -- because there are thousands of comparable firms around that you can compare it to. However, you would not be able to do a good cash flow analysis of these projects -- so while I stand by my claim that it is the easiest to value, it is the hardest to value using the NPV method. New drug revenues are notoriously hard to predict due to regulatory problems, marketing costs and uncertainty about demand. This is obviously not the right one. Using option pricing is a better method than using cash flow analysis. That leaves the third choice. Demand and cash flows can be estimated pretty well using historical information in Chile. This is the only one of the three where you can get realistic cash flow projections -- so is the one your teacher wants.

1.00 How to estimate project manager time in a project?

Q. Estimates are all over the map. If managment says "PM time should be 20% of total project time" where do they get that?

A. Nope! Wrong! I take a much more realistic view of my cost on a project! If your only talking about strictly the project manager's time in a cost proposal or budget I estimate my personal time and salary as an estimated fraction of my personal salary. If your talking about the cost of project management (including the cost of operation of the overall project manager's staff and budget) I still estimate, the cost as a fraction of the overall operating costs. On project start-up, the costs may be 50% of my overall time and resources but (hopefully will drop each month) and, as the project nears completetion, to below 10% each month. It is unrealistic to apply an arbitrary 20% to each project. This is tough to drive home depending on your management. However, don't cry wolf claiming that every project thrown at you is the worst and most time consuming of all! Remember those projects (very few to be sure) that came together with an unexpected ease that makes your chest puff out and you say, "Oh, what a great project manager I am!" BS! You are human and so is your management! Expect a bust (even a failure), just don't make it a regular expectation or practice! Be realistic and honest and your management will appreciate and respect it!

1.00 Are conservative arguments against Health Care unfounded, rather than fact-based?

Q. Medicare Part D reform (4 years old) – high beneficiary satisfaction & program costs 37% lower than originally projected. Medicare – high beneficiary satisfaction, lower administrative costs, efficient by ANY objective means. Veterans happy with coverage – what was the argument again? Remember when all Health Insurance was non-profit? Then enter the conservatives. LOWER MEDICARE PART D COSTS THAN EXPECTED IN 2009 BENEFICIARY SATISFACTION REMAINS HIGH As Medicare’s Part D prescription drug program enters its fourth year, beneficiary satisfaction rates remain high, program costs remain lower than originally expected, and Medicare prescription drug plan bids reflect nationwide drug price trends, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) announced today. Based on the bids submitted by Part D plans, CMS estimates that the average monthly premium that beneficiaries will pay for standard Part D coverage in 2009 will be $28. This is about 37 percent lower than originally projected when the benefit was established in 2003. The estimated average monthly premium for 2009 of roughly $28 for basic coverage is far below the original estimate for 2009 of $44.12, which was made at the time the Medicare Prescription Drug, Improvement, and Modernization Act (MMA) was enacted in 2003. The average expected premium for basic coverage in 2009 is about $3 higher than the actual average for 2008. The $3 premium increase is due to general trends in drug costs, the phase-out of a CMS demonstration project, and higher plan estimates for catastrophic coverage based on prior experience. Is Medicare Cost Effective? I recently spent a half-day in a meeting discussing a number of issues regarding Medicare. Most of us on the provider side of the street view Medicare as this multiheaded bureaucracy with more pages of regulations than the Internal Revenue Service's tax code. However, I came away from the meeting with some (to me at least) shocking revelations: •Medicare beneficiaries are overwhelmingly satisfied with their Medicare coverage, except for the absence of prescription drug benefits; •The administrative costs of Medicare are lower than any other large health plan. In fact, Medicare is very efficient by any objective means: According to the Urban Institute's Marilyn Moon, who testified before the Senate Committee on Aging, Medicare expenditures between 1970 and 2000 grew more slowly than those of the private sector. Initially, from 1965 through the 1980s, Medicare and private insurance costs doubled in tandem. Then Medicare tightened up, and per capita expenditures grew more slowly than private insurance, creating a significant gap. In the 1990s, private insurers got more serious about controlling their costs, and the gap narrowed. But by 2000, Medicare per capita expenditures remained significantly lower than the private sector. •The average income of Medicare beneficiaries is closer to the poverty line than many of us working folks would like to believe: According to government statistics Moon cites, more than 90 percent of retirees covered by Medicare earn less than $32,000 per year for individuals or $40,000 for couples. In 2003, Medicare beneficiaries will spend an average of 23 percent of their income on health care! Moon argues somewhat convincingly that Medicare has been a success. While not necessarily denying that certain reforms might be needed, she stresses the importance of preserving three essential tenets of the program: 1. Its universal coverage nature creates the ability to redistribute benefits to those who are neediest. 2. It pools risk in order to share the burdens of health care among the healthy and the sick. 3. Through Medicare, the government protects the rights of all beneficiaries to essential health care. It has been argued that, in part, Medicare's cost effectiveness arises from the fact that it does not need to expend funds on marketing and sales-functions that are obligatory for the success of competitive, private-sector health plans. Moreover, some argue that the competitive model for health insurance has not been successful. In a market-driven economy, the healthy can and will change health plans for savings of only a few dollars a month, while the sick must remain in their existing plan in order to retain their physicians. Such behaviors lead to asymmetric risk pools and cost inequities. This was all sobering news to a market-driven entrepreneur such as yours truly. However, given the perverse incentives that frequently drive behavior in health care, my take-home lesson is that there are examples in the success of Medicare we can apply to other sectors of our population.

A. If one makes a highly profitable business out of life and death then it becomes a monopoly we can ill afford. Pun intended.

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Remodeling Costs And Estimates

 Remodeling - Remodeling Costs And Estimates To calculate a project’s Remodeling approximate estimate, you have to take a lot of factors into account. This is because, in a Remodeling and Additions project there is no way that the cost can be estimated without making a detailed study of the requirements and needs of a particular family.

 home remodeling contractor in Shreveport, Louisiana For instance, a family may possibly desire to put in a bedroom and bathroom for their little ones. The family’s present Shreveport region home is located on a flat lot, with space to conveniently expand it according to their requirements. Their residence also has a simple roof plan that permits utility connections for the addition to be included without much structural alteration to the existing home. The plumbing has ample facility for an extra bathroom, and installing drain lines and water lines are should not be too complicated. The Shreveport authorities that issue construction permits and regulate procedures are easy to work with, ensuring a smooth completion of the project and fewer and costs to the contractor. Also, because it is a children’s room with minimal requirements, the needs for the finish level of the addition are not very high.

On the other hand, a young bachelor needing to remodel his bathroom in his Shreveport area condo may be charged a much higher rate due to the rigorous rules set by his condo society regarding construction related amendments and specifications. The project definitely involves much more time from the contractor unlike in the case of the first family. This is because the contractor has to go through the condo society’s rules, and then apply for a permit, and so on. All of this involves a lot of time, increased time consumption and increases the project’s cost. The costs and time spent by the contractor for approving the project and obtaining the permits will be higher. We haven’t even begun to take into account the cost of materials required and labor involved in fixing those bathroom fixtures. Furthermore, if he wants a luxurious bathroom, the costs further increase because bathroom tiles, fixtures and accessories are all expensive.

Reputed contractors and builders in the Shreveport region will gladly offer you a broad range of Cost per Square Foot price ranges to help you understand the pricing without requiring constructional specifications. In our first example, the first family’s budget was possible in the range of between $70/foot and $150/foot. Our young bachelor, in the second case, was probably considering shelling out as much as $200 to $400 per square feet. As in most houses, bathrooms and kitchens are more expensive to install compared to the rest of the rooms. This is because kitchen and bathroom projects involve heavy electrical, plumbing, HVAC work. Also, there are no limitations as to the kind of fittings you could include in your bathroom. With the bachelor's very extravagant preferences, his small bathroom remodeling would cost him more than the family with minimal needs.

The best way to sum up the total pricing of your project is by calculating your own expectations. You first need to know what you desire out of the project, and then see if it fits your budget. Also, you could hire a professional Remodeling who has a sound reputation. We can help you get in contact with professionals in your Shreveport region so that you can choose the very best.

Its important that you be able to put across your ideas regarding the project clearly and precisely. You have to first know what you want and then present the same. Go step by step. First, list out the essentials, and then research them in-depth. Don’t panic! The process is fun if you enjoy it. Even if there are small problems, slight delays etc, hold firm to your basic plan, and don't try to change the plan. Stick with the plan and it will all come together for you.

Wondering how to work on your project Remodeling prices, tensed about what exactly to include when you talk with Shreveport area contractors? Here are some suggestions:

1. How big is my Remodeling project predictably going to be?
- Consider in terms of Square Feet.

2. What kind of structural work am I looking at?
- First figure out whether an excavation or fill is a must do. Check if there are trees that require clearing. Also evaluate whether your project is on a flat lot or irregular land, and, and drainage concerns.
-Would the foundation require any kind of special attention?
- Will your foundation be strong enough for another floor if you are planning one? Exactly how much of reconstruction is required, and where? Are there any hurdles that may call for special attention?

3. How many doors and windows are you planning on?
-Always remember that the number of doors and windows on the envelope (Four outer walls) of your house play a vital role in the inside of the house being hot or cold.

4. Are there any valuable hints for the roof of my Remodeling project?
- Do you have a flat roof or commercial style roof? Are there complicated angles that will need to be particularly well accomplished?
- What sort or level of shingles or tile will you use? Expensive clay tiles or molded rubber slate look-alikes? Simple 1 tab shingles?

5. What kind of interior finishes do you have in mind?
- Do you plan on Luxurious, traditional door hardware, or average production-level knobs and levers?
-What kind of flooring and how much of it? Will it be an economic carpet or Vinyl or more expensive solid wood, designer tiles or marble?
-How much wood work would you need to get done? include cabinets, book shelves etc.
- What type of countertops and firm surface materials will you use? Laminate countertops are characteristically the least costly alternatives (although there are expensive laminate products available), while solid surface natural stone (granite, marble) or man-made solid surface countertops (quartz, aggregate, concrete, Corian) are more elegant.
- What about lighting and electrical ideas?
- What about climate control systems? Is the area going to be too hot or o cold and how do you deal with this?
-How much plumbing is required and what sort of fixtures do you have in mind?

Now that you have your estimate figured out, you can begin looking for a contractor to help with your project. That’s where we come in. We can help you find reputed professional contractors in your area. Our services do not cost you a dime. They are absolutely FREE. All you have to do is submit your details to us and wait for our Shreveport region partner contractor to get in touch with you to help you get your Remodeling project moving. You are obviously concerned about finding a consistently reliable, qualified and licensed contractor, and we can connect you with contractors who are prescreened by us.

Recent People With Remodeling Needs:

We are planning a kitchen remodel (new countertops, remove wall, create bar) and bath remodel (new floors, vanity, enlarge shower, new fixtures).

Jason F

Older Home....Basement has mold on all four walls. Needs completly redone from top to bottom. Would also like to add a 1/2 bath and laundry room.

Steve M

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