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Kitchen Remodeling - Remodeling Questions
1.20 Kitchen remodeling?

Q. I am thinking about buying a new home but the kitchen in the house is horrable. it's a very small kitchen but i'm wondering how much would it cost to redo it. everything but the sink needs to go!

A. I don't exactly how much it costs, but I can't say it's cheap. Going over budget is a common situation also. Depending on the region you're in, the wiring/lighting additions you'll need, the company you hire, and the materials you choose to use, this could add up to a large investment. The cost can range from sensible prices to outrageously expensive prices all depending on the choices you make. Just think about what you would like to do to your kitchen and call some companies and ask them for an estimate. Is this the house you really want? If so, enjoy your house! Good Luck!!

1.20 Kitchen Remodeling?

Q. What's better to go with for functionality and return on investment - Stainless Steel sinks or other (enameld like in a bathroom)? I say other becuase I don't know what types of materials sinks are made from.

A. Actually there are several types of sinks available these days. The design and layouts of the sinks can come in a wide range of patterns to meet anyone's needs. Deep and wide, to shallow and oblong, you can find just about anything. What the sinks are made of is almost a design question. Obviously most people want something durable, while others simply want something new and plan on selling soon. Either way, here are some examples of the type of sinks commonly available to the public. Solid surface material sinks, ones that are made of the same material as the countertops, are good durable sinks and look nice as part of the overall countertop. There are also acrylic sinks available. Both are good choices when a specific color is wanted, say in a retro theme, unfortunately, they both scratch and fade from cleaning over time, because they are, after all, basically plastic. If you're careful and try not to use abrasive cleaners, they can last a lot longer. Stainless steel sinks are also available in many patterns and sheens. Some of them are quite nice and very durable and probably the best option from a strictly utilitarian perspective. I am not sure about them because they fade over time and that "new" shine never truly comes back like it did in the store. They tend to be noisy too because they are relatively thin compared to some other types of sinks. Another type of sink that is available is the enamel on steel. These sinks are basically a steel bowl with hard enamel baked onto it. They are good sinks, but like one writer stated, they can be prone to chipping quite easily. They too have a very long life if well cared for. In my humble opinion, the best sink to consider for the kitchen is the cast iron. These sinks are cast iron and are coated with an enamel type surface and although they can be heavy, they are durable, make no noise, don’t chip or scratch and take a beating and come out shiny and clean with ANY cleaner. For my money, my tastes and my needs, these are the best sinks. For the bathrooms, I would stick to the vitreous china sinks because they are just as durable and nice as the cast kitchen sinks.

1.20 Where can I order a catalog about kitchen remodeling?

Q. I'm remodeling my house. I want to order a catalog where I can get ideas how to remodele or improve my kitchen.

A. If you want ideas on kitchen cabinets, go to If you click on Help and Information, then you can click on Order Literature at the left. Kitchen counters, try - you can get a free catalog in the mail if you fill out the form on the contact us page and uncheck the section that says send me info by e-mail. Otherwise, they'll just e-mail it to you. As far as decorating schemes, I find a lot of good information on Good luck. I'm in the planning stages of a kitchen remodel myself.

1.20 What should I keep the budget for kitchen remodeling?

Q. Basically I want to remodel my Kitchen Raised Panel Series with affordable price.

A. WellHope it helps

1.20 Kitchen remodeling or decorating?

Q. My husband and I are moving into our first house and there are some things I'd like to do. Eventually I'd like to remodel the entire kitchen, but right now, all I want to do is take off the current wallpaper (on drywall), and repaint. The kitchen has a sliding glass door that opens to our deck, so there will be quite a bit of light. What colors would you recommend? Keep in mind I'd eventually like to have granite counter tops (darker color, maybe black), and tile floors. I'm not into really bold colors, but right now the only thing I can think of was a pale yellow.... but I don't know how that would work with future work, AND the kitchen will be connected to a light blue living room. Help! Color coordination is not my thing when it comes to painting.

A. I agree, the pale yellow sounds nice. But if the color concerns you, try a pale yellow with a bit more earthy brown tones in it. When you look at your paint samples, you will see the pure yellows that are crisp in color and you will see the more muted yellows. Try out a couple of the more muted yellows. Also, go ahead and collect samples of what you want to eventually do in your home, like the granite color. This will help to cordinate everything as you go. Also the paint stores sell small quart and smaller samples of paint that you can test out colors to see if you like them. I love these. You can buy several colors, paint them side, by side and then make a final decision.

1.20 Has anyone used Home Depot for kitchen remodeling?

Q. I am in the process of updating my kitchen by replacing the cabinets and countertops. I want granite counter tops and Thomasville cabinets. Has anyone used Home Depot for this project in Rochester Hills, Michigan?

A. My coworker used the one in Taylor, MI. She paid about $10K and was happy with the results. It's pretty much luck of the draw because Home Depot uses subcontractors.

1.20 What are the latest trends in kitchen remodeling?

Q. What are the latest trends in kitchen remodeling

A. Plan the kitchen around the theme of your home. You may wish to opt for the new composite countertops that are stain resistant, yet simulate the more expensive (and heavier) marble or granite countertop. In larger kitchens lighting needs to be more functional, with areas such as cupboards and drawers well lit. Flooring in the kitchen is essential for a well designed room.

1.20 Are Homecrest cabinets a good brand for kitchen remodeling?

Q. I wanted to stay in a budget and was considering them or Mills Pride.

A. Below link will certainly help you.

Kitchen Remodeling

 Remodeling - Kitchen Remodeling No matter how streamlined you think your kitchen is, there is always room for improvement. A kitchen home improvement project can involve changing the tiles, installing a bigger sink, or replacing the cabinets and counter tops. If you have a small kitchen, you will find that a built-in kitchen island increases convenience without compromising on space. New cabinets and counter tops can transform your old kitchen into a bright new space. If you are tired of your laminated surfaces, and modern kitchen looks, a country kitchen remodel will give you a beautiful old fashioned kitchen that puts the warmth back into your kitchen.

 home remodeling contractor in Shreveport, Louisiana Kitchen islands are becoming the most requested kitchen remodel features in American homes. If your existing kitchen plan does not include a built- in kitchen island, it absolutely must be included in your kitchen home improvement plans. A smaller kitchen can benefit from the extra counter space that can also double as an informal dining area. A small kitchen can also be made to look more spacious by tearing down a wall, and installing the kitchen island as a point of demarcation between the kitchen and the other areas. Generally, kitchen islands are constructed in color co ordination with the rest of the kitchen, although a completely unrelated color or style can work to create a bold look. Sizes can be rectangular, square, circular or oval, and you can even have rolling islands for areas where there is no space for a large island.

With the staggering range of kitchen sinks and faucets, counter top and cabinet materials, sizes and shapes of kitchen islands, all available at various price ranges, you'll find it easy to have a cheap kitchen remodel that gives you a great looking kitchen within your budget. If you have the luxury of a hefty budget, you can install custom fittings, cabinets and counter tops to give you a custom kitchen that's one of a kind. For instance, if you would like to completely tear down your old laminate covered kitchen and replace with an old fashion farm house look, a country kitchen remodel will give you a beautiful farm house style kitchen that's practical too.

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