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Bathroom Remodeling - Remodeling Questions
1.20 How to find a good local licensed house remodeling contractor?

Q. To do the following work: 1.Bathroom remodeling. 2.Fences. 3.Hardwood flooring. Any suggestions on the related websites much appreciated.

A. Try the BBB if you are in the US

1.20 Cost of bathroom remodel?

Q. We live in Northern California. Looking to remodel bathroom (about 50 sqft) with new everything (cabinets, tub, tile) with mid-to mid-high cost materials. Not moving location of items (tub, sink, toilet will remain in same location) and not expanding. However, want to replace plumbing in the walls. Looking for a range. We have hired a contractor who came back with an astronomical figure and we need to verify. Thanks.

A. For a bathroom remodel as you describe - mid to high range 50 square feet would cost just under $10k in northern california.. To run the numbers yourself - Another way to look at it is if a contractor is just removing everything and replacing would take about 7 "man days" of work or about 60 hours. Add to that the cost of materials which can easily range from $1500 to $5,000 depending on the type of tiles, tub, vanity etc. So if the contractor is charging $75 an hour and a 20% markup on materials and your materials cost $3000..then the total would be about $4,500 for labor, $3000 for the materials and $600 for market up or a total of $8,100. Since it is a small job..sometimes the hourly rate and mark up is higher. The best way/only way to get comparisons is to have other contractors visit and bid on the project..make sure you give them a DETAILED list of everything you want done including manufacturer name and model number for all the materials to be used. A good resource for a quick bathroom remodeling cost estimate is You can get some ideas on how to find, hire and work with a contractor from the book The Contractor Selection Workbook at Good luck

1.20 I need major bathroom remodeling help. My contractors screwed up the job :(?

Q. I hired a company thru Service Magic to remodel my hall bathroom. I had them tear down the walls and take out all of the existing tiles. I purchased marble tiles for the shower and glass tiles to be used as a border. After they "completed" the job I took a look at what they installed. The border tile goes in and out. So if you slide your hand across it, your hand goes in a wave motion. I"m trying to explain this to the contractors and they are telling me that all glass tiles are installed this way...??? They are saying because it's flexible it causes it to go in and out. Please help me. Why did this happen. What can I say to them to make them understand that it was not installed properly?

A. You need to stand up to them! They are taking you for a fool and think that they can just do a horrible job and still get paid. You need to stand your ground and tell them they did a bad job and it needs to be re-done or they will not get paid. If they say no or challenge you then you an take them to court, THEY messed up, you did nothing wrong. Good luck!

1.20 Home remodeling contractors in orange county, CA?

Q. Does anyone know of a good and cheap (as in not ripping u off) contractors to do bathroom remodeling? My bathroom is quite small so I don't think big contractors would want such a small job. Only have 5K budget for labor - i provide all materials. Give me contact info if you know someone you have used before and like. Thanks so much!

A. Try You might find just what you are seeking.

1.20 Bathroom Remodeling....?

Q. We are in the process of remodeling our bathroom and I am wondering if it is possible to put in an old style claw foot tub?? Are there any alternatives available that would fit better through a doorway?? Also we were looking into jet/spa tubs and a friend said something about a remodeling tub that comes in pieces and is better for installing in existing homes. I can't seem to find these and am wondering if anyone knows anything about it. Thank you so much!! Hope someone can help with a first time diy!!

A. You need to measure your doorway and the size of the tub to determine what will fit. You really shouldn't have a problem if you stick to a standard size, but speak to your plumber or contracter. Here is a popular company that your friend is talking about with comments to consider. There are a couple of others out there, but I forgot their names.

1.20 What makes the bathroom remodeling cheaper?

Q. Could anyone tell me how to remodel my bathroom in medium budget.

A. In bathroom remodeling Cabinets are one of the biggest parts of the budget, they will cost around 34% of your total cost. So, the type and quality of cabinets you select will affect your total costs. Not surprisingly, fixtures and fittings account for a high cost percentage in the bathroom. Expense for fixtures and fittings will vary depending on the brand, type of materials, and array of products you select. You should also concentrate on the tiles design, quality. In bathrooms, installation accounts for nearly a quarter of the total cost. If you're looking to cut corners, this is probably not the place to do it.

1.20 Bathroom Walls for tiling - Bathroom remodeling?

Q. We just started remodeling our Bathroom with my husband. And we are concerned about walls. When we removed the original, old tile, behind it we found more cement and behind that, a wired mesh. The upper section of walls do not have any kind of mesh, but simple a painted dry wall. We are kind of concerned about this mesh. Should we replace it by dry wall? Or do something else? Or how should we prepare those walls for laying tile? Does this wired mesh needed? by the way. We are doing complete remodeling. We will change everything there.

A. What you have is a mud wall designed for tile, this is what we did in the old days. if it is not all broken up tile over it. If it is bad, pull off and get ready made concrete board screw it to the walls (after removing old) and tile away.

1.20 Where should I go for the best bathroom remodeling/ refacing?

Q. Someplace that's not expensive and does a good job.

A. Any type of bathroom remodel is going to cost you. For refacing have you checked out "Bath fitters".

Bathroom Remodeling

 Remodeling - Bathroom Remodeling A bathroom remodel in days past was actually a simple affair -- simply replace worn out tiles with new ones, exchange your cracked sink for one in the same color and if you were feeling particularly extravagant, install a bath tub in basic white or cream. These days, it's very possible that you will exceed your bath remodel budget with the staggering range in bathroom fittings and accessories. Remember that the bathroom is first and foremost a functional room. If it fails to offer continuity and convenience, then you will soon find that your expensive fittings get in the way, rather than make life convenient.

 home remodeling contractor in Shreveport, Louisiana The design of your shower can be one of the most troublesome decisions in a bathroom model. If you have the luxury of a large bath, you may have the freedom and choice to install the latest shower stalls. If you have a small bathroom however, fitting a stall can be a problem. If a shower stall is not an option, choose a curved quadrant shower, preferably with a detachable shower head. For a larger bathroom, you can easily install a separate tub for long soaks, and a shower stall for a quick morning rinse. A limitless range of stall designs and sizes make choosing a bath shower a complicated affair. Choose from two person showers, spa like showers that function like saunas, and door less showers. Your shower stall can quickly transform into your own personal relaxation enclosure.

Installing a new bath tub as part of your bath remodeling can give you great value for money. Home buyers will look for at least one bathroom with the tub included, and if you can have an expensive tub like a luxury whirlpool tub or an antique tub, you will find that it enhances the interest in your home. Bath tubs are available in a variety of materials these days. Light weight materials like acrylic or enamel steel are not just more affordable, but also easy to install. However, if you insist on a cast iron tub as part of your bath tub remodeling, remember that your bath floors may have to be strengthened or buttressed before any installation can take place. If your budget allows, consider a whirlpool hydro massage system that takes the tub to a whole new level. In these hectic times, people look for luxury features in bathrooms that allow them to enjoy a spa like atmosphere right in their home without the need to visit a professional spa. This makes a whirlpool tub a high ROI bath feature.

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