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I want to add a room upstairs and remodel my basement.

Gilbert W

I have a garage that is easily wide enough to store 2 or 3 cars however the door is only wide enough to accommodate 1 car, I would like an estimate for the cost of widening the garage opening and replacing the door.

Jeff T

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Remodeling - Remodeling Questions
1.20 I am having a contractor renovate my home. I am adding an addition, bathroom and remodeling the kitchen.?

Q. Would it save me any money if had the house prepped for the contractor? Having cabinets, appliances, carpet, flooring removed or Am I better off letting contractor handle all the demo himself? (I have not received a contract from builder yet)

A. All you can do is ask him it probably would save some money just be sure exactly what the want out the may wish to reuse certain things.

1.20 How do I locate a local contractor?

Q. I'm interested in doing a few small projects in my condo (refacing cabinets, new flooring, new countertops), but I'm having trouble finding a contractor. Places like Lowes and Home Depot seem to be geared towards big home remodeling projects. My real estate agent was a nightmare, so I wouldn't trust anyone she suggested. And my boyfriend and dad are very capable, but it would take forever, it would be completely inconvenient for them, and I want to do this on my own since it's my place. Any suggestions? Thanks for the suggestions. I tried the yellow pages and online, but there are so many that I was overwhelmed. I'll try again - because I didn't consider that someone might give me a referral.

A. Well, there are two ways you could do this. You could look in the phone book and call aorund, get estimates on the stuff you want done. Second, you could drive around town and see what contractors are doing work that meets your standard. Just pull over and ask them some questions. That is how we got a few jobs when I still worked in construction. Also, if they are too busy to take on your job, or it's not something they do, they will likely know who you should contact. Also, you could look in the phone book or search in the yellow pages online in your area for the specific type of worker for your project (ie: flooring, cabinets, etc.) Hope that helps. ((Note: If you have a local lumber store, you could go there. There are usually business cards all over the place.))

1.20 What flooring and trim goes nice with white walls?

Q. Im remodeling my apartment and my roommate chose white to paint the walls in our entry way and living room? i get to choose the carpet or flooring (hardwood, etc) and color of the trim, does anyone know what color of trim, and what type of floor would go nicely with the white walls?

A. Lucky you! I'd rather be allowed to choose flooring and trim any day! That's a keeper whereas paint can be changed. As for what matched white walls, basically everything! White is not a color in decorating, but the absense of all color and that is why you can match it with anything. So, you can buy whatever pleases you! Do keep in mind that the lighter the floor color, the larger the room will appear and the darker the floor color, the smaller the room will appear. Also, lint, dust, etc., shows up more on dark floors. What you choose to use as material for the floor really depends on your budget. Hardwood floors are definitely the best for getting a return on your money. If you can't afford that, then consider these types of flooring: - laminate wood floor - vinyl soft floor covering - bamboo flooring (my favorite, by the way!) - ceramic tile (did you know that you can get ceramic tile that looks soooo much lilke wood, you have to touch it to know the difference? It's better than hardwood since it doesn't scratch and is very resistant!) Will you be painting the trim or using natural wood? If using natural wood, it is advisable to match the floor. Enjoy!

1.20 What is the best method to install new vinyl flooring?

Q. I'm remodeling my kitchen. The orginal vinyl flooring is really ugly, but not really that bad shape. I want to put new vinyl flooring. What is the best method. I don't see the option of removing the old flooring but instead, putting the new floor on top of the existing. Should I just lay down 1/4 inch luan or is there a better, more professional method?

A. If its only 1 layer down, most manufactures ok it it to go over the existing as long as its in decent shape like you say. Yes the use of a luan or birch luan is the best way to go. The new glue will take to the pores of the wood the best.Filling in the seams w/ a special cement based filler and if theres any imperfections in the wood. I ve always have used Ardex but there are other names out there. Any questions you can e mail me through my avatar. GL

1.20 How to protect myself from a general contractor performing home remodeling?

Q. I am about to have a general contractor perform services for me (tile in kitchen, wood flooring, wallpaper removal). He told me that there is no contract to sign, and that we both can sign the proposal he has given me to act as a contract. I trust the guy, as a trustworthy friend of mine recommended him, but what do I need to do to protect myself? Is there a simple contract I can draw up to ask him to sign? Where can I find it? Thank you.

A. I would tell him that you don't feel comfortable moving forward without a contract. He should respect that and draw one up for you. If not, then you may want to try to find a different contractor. It may be find without one, but if problems arise, a contract might make things much easier to resolve.

1.20 What is the best place to buy basement remodeling materials?

Q. I am in the planning phase of finishing our basement, and wondered where the best place was to buy materials and supplies. I'm asking more about drywall, lumber, screws, etc. since this will be the most expensive part of the first phase. Are the Big Box stores (Lowes, Home Depot, etc.) the most cost effective choice, or is there a more cost effective alternative? The first poster brought up an interesting point. I'm located in the Kansas City area, so local options would be the best solution.

A. If your material costs are over $1,500 go to Home Depot contractor desk. Tell them you would like pricing form "the bid room". When you give them a material list, they run their regular pricings and then cut At least 8% off, and more if the order is substantial. Take a material list to multiple stores and get quotes. They are free. Then compare pricings line by line, and you can save some money by getting material from multiple sources. Hope this helps

1.20 Whats the best basement remodeling solution bsides Owens Corning?

Q. Owens Corning is just to expensive are there and good competitors for the wall paneling system?

A. As an x employee I can tell you the Owens Corning system is intentionally over priced so the independent sales people can make money. You can get the system for 38% off list if you hold out until they recontact you after showing the sales person the door. However if you don't have any water issues which cause mold and mildew there are alternatives available.

1.20 When remodeling a basement, would you use carpet or hardwood?

Q. Because basements can sometimes get damp, i don't know if carpet is a good idea. But also for the same reason, would the wood shift if it became damp? What do you think works best both for practicality and also for future re-sale?

A. The best thing to do is to first check to see if you have an moisture in the basement. An easy way to do this is to get a 2'x2' piece of plastic and duct tape the edges on to the concrete floor. Leave it for 72 hours if you have no visible signs of moisture you can install almost any type of flooring. If you have moisture then I would either recommend sealing the basement or go with a vinyl tile that would look like wood. (they have some that look very real today). So that would be the safest choice. If you have no moisture problem you can install carpeting. I would recommend that it be made of synthetic product like nylon, polyester or olefin. Carpet is warmer & many people like that, however, it is not a feature item for resale, unless you install a branded product like CornCarpet or StainMaster recently. If you go with wood, I would recommend an engineered wood floor (like UA / Mirage) This can be installed by glued down or floating methods on concrete. These woods have a plywood construction of 5 to 7 layers. Small amounts of moisture can effect any wood but if you leave the expansion space and have no major flood your wood floor will last a long time. Also wood is always better for resale.

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